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Alliance Chaufferurs - FAQ

These questions are often asked by customers.If you have a question that isnít answered below, please contact us by email for an immediate answer:


Q) Price Quotation:

These are based on cash (GBP) payments directly to the driver.

Q) Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, subject to an additional 10% credit card charge. You can either email or call through to provide the details.

Q) Booking process:

Once you have filled out our on-line booking form, you will be contacting by email / phone providing confirmation of the booking. On the day of the journey, a text message will be sent to you, providing the chauffeurs name and mobile number.

Q) I would like to make changes to my booking.

Changes to booking must be made no later than 4 hrs prior to collection. You can inform us by email ( or call us on 0044-(0)208 759 8888.

Q) Can I have a receipt?


Your email confirmation is your receipt. However, if requested, we can post / email one out to you as well.




Q) Can I have the driver's mobile number?


This shall be sent to you via sms upon booking. You may contact our central reservations number on 0044 (0)208 759 8888 / 0044 (0)790 415 1111.


Q) How will I find the chauffeur?

You will be sent a text message with the name and mobile number of the chauffeur on the day.

At Heathrow: The chauffeur will be standing with a name board at the arrival hall or outside the departure terminal if requested (optional).

At location: He will text /call or ring the door bell, to inform that he outside.

Q) What do I do if I canít get through to the chauffeur?

If you are unable to process a call to the driver, you can call the office on (0208-759-8888) or our free phone number (0808 192 1112) from any pay phone in the terminal.




Q) Do I have to share a vehicle with other people?

No, you book a private transfer.


Q) How long will the driver wait?

He will wait up to 45mins after the flight lands.  If you feel that immigration / baggage may take longer please contact the chauffeur or the office to inform us.

Q) Will I be charged after the first 45 mins wait?

Yes, the charge is £5.00 GBP per 20mins wait.

Q) Do I have to pay for Car Parking?

Yes, optional if you arrange to meet the driver at the arrival hall.

No, if you arrange to meet the driver outside the departure level. (Departure level, as it is not possible to park and wait at arrival)

Q) How long is the trip between London Heathrow and Central London?

The total trip usually takes 45-60 minutes.  But it may take longer due to bad weather, traffic and time of day.


Q) Do you offer tour / sightseeing services?

Yes, we offer hourly / daily hire for sightseeing and allow complete flexibility to your schedule.

Q) I have left something in the vehicle. How do I get it back?


Contact our central reservation staff, giving details of the transfer, and the missing items. We will then endeavour to deliver them to you. Sometimes a charge may be applicable.






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