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Mr Yogesh Kadam  


 "I requested the car from "Alliance Chauffeur" for a very critical job i.e. shifting

luggage & family from Hotel to a Rented house. As promised right size car reported 
well before time and position hereself in such a way that i had least effort shifting 
my baggage from Hotel into the car. Our Chauffeur was very helpful 
in loading and unloading the luggage. Me and wife we both were so much 
worried about this task of shifting but our Chauffeur made it quite a lot
easier by his kind words and suggestions for loading/unloading & general tips. 
Me and my wife are very thankful to "Alliance Chauffeur" 
from bottom of our hearts."
Mr Manish Patel  
The booking was for me to be picked up from Heathrow on Christmas Eve and I can honestly
say the service I received was 5 star. The driver was punctual, courteous, knowledgable and friendly
which made the journey home relaxing. I will definitely be using the service again and recommending
it to friends and family. Thanks again.


Mr Atul Dayal  
I have been regularly using their services for years such that it has now become a matter of habit. 
I have never been disappointed with any of the aspects of their service and believe me no other chauffeur service
is as friendly and courteous. They have some of the best and the most knowledgable guys in business 
who do not hesitate to go that extra mile - not at your cost but at their own!! I would not hesitate 
to recommend this service if you are looking for relaxed and reliable ground transportation in UK.




Mr Aparna Bhasin  
I have used this service multiple times to get from the airport to my sister's house and back.
I am a young student, usually traveling alone, with lots of luggage. They are always punctual, 
helpful, very comfortable and always accommodating.




 Ms Sudha Maheshwari 


I have experienced nothing but the best in terms of service and punctuality from Alliance Chauffeurs.

They are helpful and friendly and even go the extra mile by giving advice on what to do in London if you are new to the city.

I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.





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